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In our college, the department of civil was established in the year of 2007 and student intake is 60. The department of civil engineering pulls out all stops to create outstanding engineers – with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for undergraduate students. Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient to excel in the fast-paced world.

The faculty of the department continues to strive loftier by exploring new frontiers of knowledge, imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students and conducting high quality of projects works. The faculty also renders technical advice on live engineering problems to students & various agencies in the form of consultancy projects worth thousands of rupees.

Well qualified and experienced faculty members from the department. They specialize in Structural, Environmental, Water Resources, Remote Sensing and GIS. The faculty members contribute to academic development by publishing and presenting papers in international and national conferences. The labs are well equipped with state of the art equipment.


To produce civil engineers with technical knowledge, skills and attitude who can be faith by the society.



For Under Graduation


Dr.M Periyasamy M.E.,P.hD.,


Civil engineering is the second-oldest engineering discipline after military engineering. Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of physically built works like roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. Earliest civil engineering works include pyramids in Egypt, Highways by roman engineers, Great Wall of China, Stupas in Sri Lanka, Qanat water management system which is 3000 years old and many more. The notable earliest civil engineering works include aqueducts, harbours, bridges, dams etc., built in several parts of the world. India’s first Prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru used the term Temples of Modern India while inaugurating Civil Engineering work, Bhakra Nangal Dam which facilitated the progress of India. These structures emphasize the importance of Civil Engineers. Civil engineers are important to society as they are often referred to as ‘Builders of Nation’.
There are many career paths for civil engineers. Civil engineers are essential in government agencies, private and public sector undertakings to take up various mega projects like metro railway projects, express highway corridors, industrial structures, reservoir projects, flyovers, townships and mega city projects. Today, the world is undergoing vast changes in the technological revolution, population growth and environmental concerns. All these changes create unique challenges for civil engineers. The next decade under the leadership of our prime minister will be the most creative, demanding and rewarding times for civil engineers.
The Department of Civil Engineering with its multifaceted faculty maintains its strong links with the construction industry by engaging in consultancy activities. The students here are encouraged to engage extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which are essential for personality development, nurturing of team spirit and development of organizational skills.


Research & Publication

Title of the Paper
Journal / Conference
Month & Year
Dr. M.Periyasamy
suitability of ground water for irrigation purpose in veadasandu block,dindugal district
Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Nov 2015
Dr.T. Rajaram
Evaluating Environmental Impact in Water Distribution System Design
Journal of Infrastructure Systems. American Society of Civil Engineers
Mr. R.Vigneshwaran
Sewage water treatment by using azolla algae
International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development
Mr. S.Ranjith
Experimental investigation on Geopolymer concrete in replacement of cement by sugarcane ash
International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development
Mr. T.Arunvaratharaj
Experimental study on replacement of fine aggregate by waste glass with adding of UV absorbing Tio2 in mortar
International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced studies


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