Literary And Fine Arts Association

Mission Statement

The mission of Roever Engineering College’s Fine Arts Club is to prepare students, who have a strong personal interest in the arts, to successfully pursue higher learning and a profession in an ever-changing world. We will help students discover and develop their unique skills and talents through intense, integrated arts and academic program with high standards that combines critical thinking and a whole-person developmental approach to learning.

Vision Statement

The Performing and Fine Arts Club of the Roever Engineering College will be a high-quality educational program for students that develop the whole person through a curriculum that integrates the performing arts and college-preparatory academics. We aim to develop the students academically, artistically and socially so that they leave the college as an independent, cooperative, responsible and creative adult with a lifelong interest and ability in learning and the arts. We believe that these skills and qualities will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals and allow them to contribute to the life and well being of society as a whole. Our vision includes the belief that:
Our program graduates students who will then have the option to pursue further studies in either the arts or academics.
Activity Name
Resource Person details
Inaugural Function
Dr.K.Varadharaajen, Chairman Roever Group of Institution.
Book Fair-2018 Perambalur
District Collector
Hostel Day
Dr.K.Varadharaajen, Chairman Roever Group of Institution.
Annual Day
Mr.P.Joshy George, Leading Engineer.
Cultural Day
Mr.Vasantha Balan & Mr. Mani Bharathi (Film Directors)