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St. John Sangam Trust, Perambalur has over 50 years service of managing educational, social and charitable institutions, numbering more than 30 institutions in and around Perambalur. The Trust has established all these institutions in memory of a German Missionary, Reverend Hans Roever, who initially established a boy’s home in 1950s for students from around the region. Since 1978, under the vision and tireless hard-work of Dr. K. VARADHARAAJEN, the Chairman & Managing Trustee, the initial establishment has grown to include over 30 institutions of higher learning and social development.  The Roever educational institutions have a proven track record of social development and gives preference to students from rural and poor families.
The annual output of students is approximately 5000 and above.  A total of 15000 students are currently enrolled in all the institutions. The Trust cares for over 1300 orphans, around 40 psychically and 70 visually challenged children etc. All Roever educational institutions have gained a good reputation as disciplined and academically excellent institutions.  The Trust and the Roever educational institutions constantly strives to explore innovative ways to educate children from all over India and to instill in them discipline and confidence, along with a solid education, to face the world.

History of Our Institution

Roever Engineering College is an educational institution run by the  St. John Sangam Trust   Roever Engineering College  was established in 2001 with the sole purpose of providing quality technical education at affordable costs.  REC is part of the larger  Roever educational family  with a specific focus on research-oriented education.  It even provides guides to undertake PhD program under Anna University Trichirapalli.

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F.No. 732-52-425 (E) / ET / 2001, dt. 02.05.2008 and is affiliated to Anna University, Tiruchirappalli. Lr.No. AUT/CEP/008/2009, dt. 30.06.2009



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Envisioned to excel in providing quality technical education with social responsibility.


Chairman's Desk

Dr K.Varadharaajen, B.A., B.L.,

Chairman & Managing Trustee

For over 50 years, St.John Sangam Trust has been deeply involved in social development and empowerment through education and social welfare activities in Perambalur district in Tamil Nadu, South India. In memory of our Reverend Fr. Hans Roever, and his vision, the trust is engaged in uplifting the economically backward district of Perambalur through affordable education for poor students and through social welfare and development activities for poor families under the auspices of Roever Educational and Social Developmental Institutions.

Roever is now synonymous with quality education and sustainable social empowerment. While our belief in universal education is slowly empowering rural communities throughout many generations, I would like to highlight the immediate needs of the socially and developmentally challenged rural poor, who have no community or government support.
Roever Social Development unit focuses on the young and the old, physically and mentally challenged, women and children, healthy and sick people in and around Perambalur. Its main goal is to provide for and empower those who are not able to take care of themselves. Our staff provides a whole range of services such as home for orphans, physically and visually challenged, short – stay home for women and girls, old age home, a rehabilitation centre for alcohol and drug addicts and disability rehabilitation centre.

Roever is also deeply committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in areas such as poverty and hunger eradication, providing universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, efforts to reduce HIV / AIDS, ensuring environmental sustainability.

Principal's Desk

Prof. Dr. J.WILLIAM, M.Tech., Ph.D.,


Do What You Love; Love What You Do.

Roever Engineering College was established in 2001 with the sole purpose of providing quality technical education at affordable costs and has brought in the culture of innovation among its students. Roever Engineering College – REC, is an educational institution run by the St. John Sangam Trust.

The major challenge for today’s engineering educational institutions is to accommodate the ever-varying aspirations of the younger generation because of increasingly changing demand and development in industries. We constantly put efforts to accommodate these aspirations by fine-tuning the academics of college with innovative and practical oriented teaching-learning practices along with other developmental activities.
Our goal is to change the world through education. It may sound idealistic, but this is precisely our long term goal. It is what motivates the work of everyone at the Roever Engineering College from faculty and staff, to students and alumni. It inspires our teaching and research. It is this goal which fuels the faculty to excel. We focus on our students by providing them with outcome-based education and hands-on experience through training, and student forum activities etc. The success of our undergraduate, postgraduate programs is supervised by our well qualified and committed faculty, who continue to set the standard for excellence. There is a continuous check on the implementation of planned academic activities with desired results in grooming our future generation for employment and for higher studies in India and abroad.

We believe in continuous development and strive to carry on the best efforts and endeavours towards the benefit of the students. Our institute stands by its core values, the mission of churning out well-rounded individuals and thorough professionals. Therefore, We are quite confident that our students shall perform the best on any platform and do justice to the trust placed on them. Each student of REC feels proud to take the brand to greater heights by competing with the best in the discipline. We believe, Graduates of REC, who proudly say ‘I am an Engineer; I serve mankind, by making dreams come true.’